Mabel Louise Purkerson


Mabel Louise Purkerson is Professor Emerita of Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. As a physician-educator, her scientific research interests included pioneering studies in renal physiology, notably the pathophysiology of the kidney. Dr. Purkerson’s lifelong interest in nature, wildlife conservation and preservation coupled with extensive world travel has enabled her to learn about other civilizations and observe the need to conserve and protect the natural environment of many populations living in remote places. She is motivated by the desire to ensure our planet’s untamed beauty be preserved for future generations. Among her recent contributions to conservation, she counts funding secured for two projects: The Lower Zambezi Partnership Park, which enabled local tribes to become self-supporting and to appreciate their natural resources, and the Trailnet/Confluence Cell-Phone Tour of Area Historic Sites in the St. Louis Area. Dr. Purkerson currently serves on the board of The Explorers Club International as a Director, she is a Royal Geographical Society Fellow, an American Alpine Club member, and serves on boards of trustees for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Missouri Historical Society, Opera Theatre St. Louis, and St. Louis Academy of Science.

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